Terms of Services

The Ultimate Knowledge is also termed as TUK and we are available at www.theultimateknowledge.com .

Following Terms and Conditions govern the use of The Ultimate Knowledge (TUK) website and any services offered through the website application . Our website and application are designed to enable our users to engage in learning and provide remarkable content for enrichment of user’s knowledge bank. Visiting or otherwise using The Ultimate Knowledge website or any information obtained directly from The Ultimate Knowledge or from any third party websites, amount to acceptance of and agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the website. If the user does not consent so, he/she may not visit The Ultimate Knowledge website or view any content. Visitors must read the Terms and Conditions of The Ultimate Knowledge carefully.

If the visitor of the website is under the age of 18, he/she may visit and use the website only under the supervision of a parent/legal guardian.

The Ultimate Knowledge reserves the right to discontinue, suspend, revise, delete, modify or remove any content from the website or may change the functionality offered from time to time without any liability and reasons and without any prior notice. It is the sole discretion of The Ultimate Knowledge to offer certain functionalities and content only in various specific versions without any liability and reasons. The Ultimate Knowledge may also charge users for any functionality or for certain content which are offered free of cost currently.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By accessing or using The Ultimate knowledge website/ application, you agree and accept TUK Terms and Conditions. You should not access to the website/ application, if you do not agree to TUK Terms and Conditions.

Besides the TUK Terms and Conditions, your access or use of the content available on the website or the application may be governed by TUK’s additional Policies, Terms and/or Agreements. For instance, the content provided on our website through other websites or sources is governed by the applicable Terms and Conditions of that particular site and thus your usage of the website/ application may be governed by the Terms and Conditions set by the application vendor of the third party through which you download the application. Besides TUK Terms and Conditions, the user must be acquainted with the third party Terms and Conditions, if applicable. TUK may have a separate set of agreements with its content providers and that may be revised, modified or amended as per the need at any time. TUK reserves the right to modify, delete, remove or add to its Terms and Conditions at any point of time without any prior notice and will be effective immediately after posting it. Your use of the website or application then after shall be deemed as the acceptance by you of the alterations in Terms and Conditions.

Third Party Content

The Ultimate Knowledge does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, completeness or fitness of any content for any specific purpose. TUK does not take responsibility of any content, opinions, statements, and advices expressed on the website or application.

TUK is a website that caters to the need of supplementary knowledge and information for additional educational purposes only. TUK does not endorse or is accountable for the reliability or accuracy of any information, advice, opinion or statement found on the website or the application by any third party. TUK holds no responsibility for any loss or damage caused due to reliance on the content available on the website or the application or for any actions or inactions on user’s part based on the content provided on the website. It is the sole responsibility of the user to evaluate accuracy of any information, advice, opinion or statement found on the website or the application.

Content and Creation Ownership

The Ultimate Knowledge respects the content providers’ and other third parties’ intellectual property rights and solicits its users to do the same. The Ultimate Knowledge website contains copyrighted material, propriety information and trademarks including but not limited to graphics, videos, photographs, software and text. TUK holds the rights in the selection, arrangement, coordination enhancement and enrichment of the information, coordination etc. on its website/application. The information available on the website and application is and will remain the intellectual property of the content provider, be it the third party videos and or curated content.

Licence Terms and access to The Ultimate Knowledge website

A limited, non-transferrable, non-sub licensable, revocable licence may be issued to access and use the website and the application personally. Any page other than necessary for viewing is not allowed to download or modify The Ultimate Knowledge website or any particular portion of the site except with the written consent from us.

The licence does not permit any commercial use of the TUK, any collection, any resale and use of The Ultimate Knowledge website’s content or use of any product description or prices, listings, or any imitative use of TUK, any copying of account information or downloading the information for some interests, or any use of data mining, robots, spiders, extraction tools or similar data gathering.

Any portion of the content /information on The Ultimate Knowledge website must not be distributed, reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold or resold, republished or otherwise exploited without the written consent from us. Nevertheless, on a specific webpage if a print key is indicated on The Ultimate Knowledge website like printable Quizzes or activities, or if downloading is allowed/available for certain material, the user may download or print the material as allowed but for personal use and not for any commercial use. The Ultimate Knowledge does not allow the utilization of framing techniques or framing or caches to enclose any logo, trademark or other proprietary information including page layout, form, images or text of TUK without the written consent from us. Unauthorized use of the website will lead to the automatic termination of the permission or the licence to use The Ultimate Knowledge website.

You agree not to send us any illegal, threatening, obscene, and invasive of privacy, defamatory or otherwise obnoxious material. You must not send to us any malevolent software like viruses, Trojan horses or the like, any political messages, rogue programming, any form of spam, mass mailings or solicitations. You agree not to attempt unauthorized or illegal entry into our computer system, to access or track the information of other account holders/ users of the website, to attempt access to the sensitive system information or to use The Ultimate Knowledge website for any unauthorised or illegal activity. You agree not to impersonate any individual, furnish false details like email address or otherwise mislead in any way.

Our efforts are to furnish the accurate descriptions of the content. However the accuracy, reliability, completeness or flawlessness is not warranted. In case the information available on the website is substantially misrepresented, the user should notify us and cease the use of that content.

The Ultimate Knowledge website may include links to third party websites that may collect data or ask for your personal information. TUK holds no responsibility of monitoring or endorsing any information on the websites contained on such websites or accessible through the sites. TUK does not control and is not liable for the accuracy of the content of those websites, services or the products offered on or through those websites. Accessing such websites is solely at your own risk.

The Ultimate Knowledge website may host or co-host content from the third party. Content of the third party is subject to trademark, intellectual property rights and copyright under government laws and international agreements of the owners of the third party content.

The Ultimate Knowledge website disclaims any and all liability of your use of third party content. Use of third party content is at the risk of the user and subject to different terms or additional terms and restrictions by the third party that is running the service.

The use of TUK website or its application for and illegal/harming or for offensive purposes is strictly prohibited by TUK.

TUK restricts its users for editing, creating, post or share any information that is obscene, harmful, libellous, unlawful, criminal, hateful, racist or that violates the privacy of other users or any other offensive, illegal or inappropriate content. TUK reserves the right to remove any matter/content which deems to be inappropriate illegal or offensive. It is the sole discretion of TUK to take any action against the user or terminating the user’s account and suspend any or all use of the TUK website in any way or manner for any illegal, inappropriate and offensive use of the Ultimate Knowledge website.

Registration on TUK website or creating user’s account.

To enjoy the content on TUK website and application the user needs to register him/her on the website. It is the discretion of the website to decide which content and services need registration or will require registration sometime later in future.

If an individual intends to register for using such content and services on the TUK website, he must enter into a User Agreement with the website and must continue to abide by these terms and conditions.

The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account and password. It is the responsibility of the user for restricting access to his computer/mobile phone/tablet and he agrees to accept his responsibility for all activities done under his account or password.

Note: The Ultimate Knowledge is in business of producing and selling educational content designed for children. However, the services are sold to adults who can legally make the credit card transactions or other permitted payment modes and agreements.

If the user is under 18, he may use the Ultimate Knowledge website only under the supervision and authorization of a parent/legal guardian.

The right to terminate account, refuse service, edit or remove the content or cancel requests is reserved by The Ultimate Knowledge at its sole discretion. In case, there is a conflict between the User Agreement and the Terms and Conditions, then the final jurisdiction will be of The Ultimate Knowledge only.

During the process of registration on the Ultimate Knowledge website the user may be entitled to upload a profile picture to his account. The profile picture uploaded must not be obscene, sexually explicit or contain nudity or image of people who do not have permission to be publicly viewed in these pictures. It is strictly prohibited to impersonate other person(s) and an attempt to it may lead to legal action.

You agree to provide complete and accurate information during the registration process. You also agree not to: (a) attempt to register, or use a username of another individual with the intention of impersonating that individual (b) using someone’s user name without authority (c) use a username of any person in violation of intellectual property rights (d) use a username that is considered offensive by TUK.

It is the right of The Ultimate Knowledge to terminate or reject any password or username that it deems offensive in its judgement.

Community Guidelines for Interactive Features

The Ultimate Knowledge website has absolute discretion to edit, remove the User’s Content authored by the registered member of the website. TUK may bar the user’s access (for any reason) to the website.

TUK holds no responsibility for User content submitted to the TUK website/application or posted in comments section, bulletin boards, other Interactive Areas or chat rooms by the registered user of the application/website.

If you submit any content on the website or participate in any Interactive Area within or linking with the application or website, you agree not to post or upload or otherwise transfers. You also agree not to upload/post user content that (a) provides instructions or advocates on illegal activity. (b) in any way, may violate upon the rights of others. The statements that may harass, stalk, defame or threatens others. (c) contains paedophilia, pornography, bestiality, obscene or incest. (d) has blatant expressions of bigotry, abusiveness, racism, profanity or vulgarity. (e) inclines to misrepresent/impersonate another person/entity that the user is associated with another person/individual that is legitimately represented, including but not limited to TUK employee. (f) is protected by trademark, trade secret, copyright, proprietary right or right of publicity without the direct permission of the owner of such rights. The burden of protection of the User Content rests with the user. The User is solely responsible for any damage/loss resulting from any breach of the above mentioned rights. Any individual found violating the intellectual property of others or their rights may be barred by TUK from posting or submitting any further material on the website/application.


TUK possesses the right (not the obligation) to monitor use of TUK website/ application. This includes the uploaded posted content through the application or to the website, to govern compliance with the Terms and Conditions or any policies set by TUK and to satisfy and law or authorized government request or regulation TUK in its discretion reserves the right to edit, refuse to remove or to post, to screen without any notice any content, uploaded or posted through The TUK application or to the website for any reason and at any time.

Disclaimer of Warranty: Limitation of Liability

  • The user explicitly agrees that the use of the website/application is solely at his/her risk. TUK, its parent, subsidiaries, any of their respective employees, third party content providers, Licensors or Agents do not warrant for error free or uninterrupted services on the website or through the application.

  • Also they do not warranty as to the results obtained from the use of the application or as to the website, reliability, content of any service/information, accuracy, service or material provided through the website/application

  • Neither TUK, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, nor any of their employees, third party content providers, Licensors or Agents are liable for illegal or offensive conduct of Contributors, Users or Third Parties or Content provided from such Third Parties that may be available on the website/application. The risk of damage/loss of any kind from the foregoing will entirely be of users.

  • In no event TUK, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, nor any of their employees, third party content providers, Licensors or Agents or individual involved in producing or distributing, involved in creating the website be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages as a result of the use of website or inability to use the website/application.

  • TUK provides all the services on an ‘as is’ basis that does not warranty of any kind, either implied or express but not limited to warranty of topics or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability other than that warranty which is implied by and incapable of exclusion, modification or restriction under the Laws those are applicable to the Terms and Conditions.

  • In addition to the above cited terms, neither TUK, its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, nor any of their employees, third party content providers, Licensors, Agents, content providers or information providers shall be deemed liable regardless of the duration or the cause for any inauthenticity, omissions or other defects, inaccuracies, untimeliness of the information contained within or accessed on TUK application or website or Interruption or any delay in the transmissions. Thereof to you, or for any losses or claims arising therefrom or occasioned thereby. For any third-party losses of any nature or claims, including, but not limited to punitive or consequential damages, lost profits etc. Neither TUK its parent, affiliates, subsidiaries, nor any of their employees, third party content providers, Licensors or Agents Guarantee or Warranty the accuracy or completeness of the information, sequence or timeliness. Additionally/in a nut shell, to the results obtained (may be of any nature) from using TUK application or website there are no warranties of any kind.

Termination of the user’s account

It is the user’s right to stop using TUK website at his sole discretion at any time without any charges or justification. The user just needs to contact the website and put forth his request to disable his subscription or delete his account.

It must be noted that the termination of a subscription or an account does not delete the information uploaded /posted by you. In order to request for deletion, removal or editing of such information, the user is required to contact The Ultimate Knowledge directly.

In case of any violation of T&C, TUK reserves the right to terminate any user account, and suspend all or any of the access to the services without prior notice and with or without the user’s consent. You lose your rights to access to the TUK website immediately after the termination of your account by the website. Termination is not subject to prejudice.


Any waiver will only be effective (of any provision of the Terms and Conditions) if it is issue in writing and duly signed by the waiving party.

Changes and severability

You agree to check the Terms and Conditions of TUK periodically/continually for any new information and terms governing your use of the TUK website. TUK reserves the right to make changes in the policies and these Terms and Conditions of TUK website at any time. The revised Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy will be effective immediately after posting the modified Terms. Continuation of the use of the services of the TUK website/application indicates your acceptance of the revised terms. If the revised terms are not accepted to you, please withdraw the use of the website/application.

In case any of the Terms and Conditions of TUK may be deemed void, unacceptable or unenforceable (due to any reason) in such condition that term may be deemed severable without affecting the enforceability and validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

In case the user wishes to cancel his membership, he/she has to inform us 45 days prior to the date of end of subscribed plan failing which due to any reasons; the subscription/membership would be renewed automatically.

The subscriber automatically agrees to SI (standing instructions) at the time of making subscription choice which means that the card holder has already provided automated debit instructions to the merchant. Bank consent is provided by the cardholder to debit his card and he/she thereby agrees for recurring payments subsequently from the same source of funds.

We take care of the following points while dealing with the cancellation procedures and financial transactions:

  • Once the payment is made there is no option for cancellation by the end user.

  • Refund request, in case of duplicate payment can be made by contacting us with the proof of the transaction receipt/reference along with the bank statement mandatorily. You will be contacted within 7 working days.

  • In case of any server related issue like ‘failure’ or ‘slow down’ or ‘session time out’ on the website/ Payment Service Provider’s webpage linked to the website, the user is advised to check whether the amount has been debited from his Bank Account or not and accordingly may take one of the following steps:

  • In case the amount has been debited from your Bank Account, make sure you do not make the payment twice. If it is done so, please confirm by contacting us.

  • If the amount is not debited, you may make payment by initiating a fresh transaction.

  • However, you agree that the Payment Gateway Service Provider shall not be responsible under any circumstances for any duplicate/fraudulent transactions and thus no claims should be raised.


You agree to receive electronic communication from us regarding your account. TUK website & these Terms and Conditions (whether related law necessitates a written notice or not). Communication sent by us shall be fully considered enough/adequate means of notice.

You agree that excluding communications regarding subscriptions, your electronic communications are not confidential.

In case you find any of the contents inappropriate on TUK website during your use of the content, you are encouraged to report such matter on enquiry@theultimateknowledge.com.