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Ultimate is evolving Weekly Updated Topics

And, we will see new models, new technologies and facts emerge. So, let's embrace the "ultimate" and give it a new and wider definition.


08 Jul 2020

The Bewitching Beauty of the Wisteria Tunnels

13 Jul 2020

The Sparkling Kaleidoscopic River!

13 Jul 2020

Ladybug - The Red and Black Coloured Cure for Pests

08 Jul 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Global Pandemic Engulfs Over 190 Countries

10 Jul 2020

The ‘I’ of the Apple Inc.

08 Jul 2020

The Daredevil Mountaineer - Satyarup Siddhanta!

30 Jun 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Global Pandemic Engulfs Over 190 Countries

07 Jul 2020

ECG: Heart’s Rhythm traced on paper!

01 Jul 2020
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Why go with "The Ultimate Knowledge"?


I liked the whole concept of The Ultimate Knowledge. They seek fill the void that exists as far as teaching General Awareness is concerned. The fact that they encourage digital learning and promote baglesseducation is praise-worthy. The content is very child friendly and leaves the reader curious for more.

Dr Kunal Anand

Principal, Delhi Public School, Udhampur, J&K
TUK is an innovative concept; undoubtedly, it will revolutionize the information flow through the students. In today’s world, it’s important that we update and upgrade ourself to match up with competitive world. TUK will surely empower and enable our students to be one step ahead.

S.S. Bhullar

Principal, Divine International School
TUK is an excellent concept. It is actually with the times as students being digital natives the concept being forwarded by TUK will prove to be exceptional in their general awareness.

Mrs. Preeti Malhotra

Principal, The Aaryans
The team of TUK has come up with a wonderful proposal to update students on general awareness which is a must today. This digital solution will cater to the need in a commendable way where learning will be a fun and informative.

Great Work!

Mr. Chetan Chauhan

Principal, Delhi Public School, Rudrapur
There is no doubt that “General Knowledge” is extremely important for competitive exams nowadays. Interestingly questions in G.K have to be very contemporary. So “The Ultimate Knowledge” (TUK) is fulfilling both the requirement of the subject-introducing G.K to student in creative manner plus keeping it updated regularly.

Keep it up!

Md. Vakeel

Principal, The Indian Academy
The Ultimate knowledge is a great e-learning platform which is catering to the need of all age groups. I felt its content is reliable and useful. The app is amazing and busters, quotes and brain teasers are very interesting.

My best wishes are there with the team The Ultimate Knowledge. Keep it up!!

Krishna Joshi

Principal, Jai Arihant International School, Haldwani
TUK is an incompatible application to get information of any general knowledge-based questions instantly. Searching your doubts or questions is very easy and quick here and so to get the answers.

The best part is, the teachers can monitor the students’ usage and results of the online quizzes.

Ms. Ipsita Banerjee

Principal, Dalimss Sunbeam School, Ramkatora, Varanasi
Our greatest appreciation is for the dynamic encyclopedia that TUK brought in the class directly from the global level. Our kids had the right platform to explore from vision to frame.

This was an incredibly clever way to present a sea of information from the very grass root level.

Ms. Poonam Srivastava

Principal, Dalimss Sunbeam School, Paharia, Varanasi
TUK is an excellent concept. It is actually with the times, as students, being digital natives, the concept being forwarded by TUK is proving to be exceptional in their general awareness.

Ms. Shivani Singh

Head Mistress, Dalimss Sunbeam School, Mohinikunj, Varanasi
It is a wonderful initiative which is equipped with innovation along with facts. The way important facts are imparted to the people who are connected with it, is absolutely amazing.

All the best & keep up the good work.

Dr. Vikesh Kaur

Principal, Doon International School, Jammu (J&K)
Indeed an ultimate "Innovative Educational Initiative" to bridge the gap between the learners quest for knowledge and actual informative facts which is made possible by TUK just a click away.

God bless you for this wonderful initaitive!

Dr. Parveena John Singh

Principal, Mount Carmel School, Chandigarh
TUK contains brilliant study material on all aspects related to GK and current affairs. The innovative approach of enhancing the knowledge will help the students to clear all the competitive exams and come out with flying colours.

Ms. Seema Seingh

Principal, Asha Modern International School, Saharanpur (U.P.)
TUK is an enriching programme for the students. My full praise and support for this kind of unique programme for GK.

Best wishes to Team TUK.

Dr. Bharti Gandhi

Founder-Director, City Montessori School, Lucknow
I liked the whole concept of The Ultimate Knowledge. And I am sure that TUK will reduce the burden on a teacher.

The content is very child friendly. Looking forward to have you in our school.

Ms. Monika Satija

Principal, Sant Baba Ranjeet Singh Sen. Sec. School, Mullowal (Punjab)
TUK (The Ultimate Knowledge) is justifying its name. It is awesome and differentiating between what students are taught in curriculum and what we have to taught.

With the help of TUK students can take more knowledge. Education anytime, anywhere.

Mr. Sukhvinder Singh Virdi

Principal, Phoenix Public School, Kiccha (Uttarakhand)
Innovative & out of the box concept. I am sure this product will reduce burden on a teacher who always wish to make their students curious and at the same time equipped enough to solve those questions. All the best ‘The Ultimate Knowledge’. Looking forward to have you in our chain of schools.


Ashwini Pawar

Principal, K. K. Wagh English School, Nashik
TUK A Curious World of Knowledge: The Ultimate Knowledge, designed to prepare kids readiness skills that nurture their knowledge, brings learning concepts to daily life. A complete comprehensive learning package for kids starting age 7 yrs. With super cool features and plenty of content- to explore under different categories.


S. Shekhar

Principal, K.L. International School, Meerut
TUK is benefitting many schools by re-enforcing the curiosity among our students. Their approach towards teaching General Awareness through the modern technological means is very impressive and effective. TUK brings forth a solid concept of pedagogy using the power of online education to keep our students at par with other learners globally in compliance with our vision.


Bhavya Jain

Director, Asha Modern International School, Saharanpur
There are many open sources available from where students may get information but in these open sources mostly information is not graded. The Ultimate Knowledge provides information in graded form as per the aptitude level of learner, TUK when implemented in schools open new doors for learning.

Ms Aarti Nigam

Principal, Delhi Public School, Aligarh
A unique product that offers easy access due to online presence, comprehensive and covers a gamut of topics interesting, dissemination of knowledge.

Dr Neeta Bali

Director/Principal, G.D. Goenka World School, Sohna-Gurgaon Road, Haryana
Very well scripted articles with easy understanding and assimilation for students. Every article encompasses contents full of knowledge at the same time keeping interest alive.

Puzzles and videos at the end of articles make it interesting and interactive learning. Well done TUK.

Ms.Anubhuti Mehta

Former Assistant Commissioner,KVS and Adviser Chairperson , Amity Group of Schools
The Ultimate Knowledge web portal has opened doors for the students to become aware of their surroundings with the wide array of topics covered on TUK. There is always something new and interesting for the kids to learn. TUK is a brilliant concept to make internet surfing knowledgeable.

Mrs. Sharmila Singh

Principal, Pioneer Montessori Inter College , ELDEECO-1, Lucknow
The Ultimate Knowledge is an unique support system provided to the children and has broadened the horizon of multi-dimensional learning .The website has offered the content of the curriculum beyond the books enlightening the young minds towards creativity  and innovative learning skills . I extend my good wishes to TUK in all their endeavours.

Dr. Rupali Patel

Principal, Lucknow Public School, Lucknow
The Ultimate Knowledge seems to be the answer to the need of a digital product for GK and General Awareness. While books have a limit, the online platform is limitless, and therefore really helpful for someone who needs knowledge beyond the books. The content layout is interesting, and so are the features. I am very sure every student would find it beneficial, and utilise it to its fullest.

Ms Supriyaa Grover

Director Quality Assurance, Superhouse Education Foundation
"A thing of Beauty is a joy for ever".
Needless to state that ‘The Ultimate Knowledge’ is really ultimate in every sense of the word. They are really outstanding in their approach and are par excellence in their innovature, creativity. No wonder, TUK have carved their own niche in the field of education. 

My best wishes to The Ultimate Knowledge!

Mr. Anil V.Shivdasani

Principal, G S Shetty International School, Mumbai
We are living in a competitive modern world where there is always a challenge to know, in order to beat the race and TUK really help us to grow both on personal as well as academic level. It narrows our sense of perceiving the world, understands & analyses the situations better.


Ms. Shalini Singh

TUK-A Weapon to unfold ignorance: In this era of globalization we believe that knowledge is about opening the doors of the mind and talking the young drivers to the new horizons and TUK is actually a sophisticated replacement of conventional mode of learning ,It has increased students curiosity and enhance their intelligence quotient by igniting the fire among them to reach beyond horizons.


Jyoti Rasawat

Co-ordinator, JKG International School
TUK has been designed beautifully with lots of information. It includes current knowledge for students which is very beneficial. It makes our task easier to update our students with basic and informative knowledge. I am glad to associate with TUK.

Vishal Srivastava

Academic Coordinator, Delhi Public School, Sitapur
It’s an amazing concept that will add on to the quality of students general awareness. Keep up the good work going.

Ms Kiran Rawat

TGT, Blue Bells Model School, Gurugram
TUK is very awesome here one could get aware of his/her surrounding. I am very glad to be the part of TUK. Here we can get answers for our several queries and even it helps us to improvise on our thoughts.

Shreya Rana

Student, K.L. International School, Meerut
It is very helpful in our studies and make things easy to learn. Thank you so much for this huge help for our present and future.

Navika Rastogi

Student, The Avenue Public School
I like this App very much. It contains so many new things and the information available in it is very good for the learning of children. It helps us to gain lots of knowledge and the Quizzes help us to develop our minds.
Thank You

Pari Goel

Student, K.L. International School, Meerut
My school introduced me to this website and I just fell in love with it. It contains beautiful thoughts, amazing facts and enormous information in the form of articles and videos. Reading the current affairs of TUK is the new thing that I have added to my time table. 
Thank you TUK

Aniket Rana

Student, K.L International School, Meerut
It’s the ultimate destination for learners as you can learn and become a genius by regularly reading TUK articles. I guarantee that you will see a great difference in just a matter of days.

Sanskaar Sharma

Student, Bharat Ram Global School, Noida
TUK is an amazing guide for students. There are lots of different fields from where students can select any article of their preference. We are extremely grateful and thankful to TUK for your knowledge session in our school.

Saransh Sharma

Student, Ingraham Institute English School, Ghaziabad
The Customer Care service is very good here. In this App, we can see tutorial videos, current affairs and we can also use the content to study. This App is one of the best ones, and is more interesting than what I had expected it to be. TUK really has the Ultimate Knowledge.... A big thank you for TUK Team


General knowledge is very important in our lives and quizzes are an interesting way to stay aware and updated. “The Ultimate Knowledge” (TUK) not only provide us vast information but also help us to clear the challenging competitive exams.


Disha Chaudhary

Class - VIII, Sanskar International School
The Ultimate Knowledge is my new best friend. I like surfing from one article to another and learning about amazing things around us. I sometimes love competing with my friends on these articles as they are unaware of this information.

Science section makes me learn a lot about the solar system and other interesting facts. Though Health section really catches my attention and helps me stay healthy and eat right! TUK is really dynamic in nature.


Bhuvi Chugh

Class – VII, K.L. International School, Meerut
TUK is something special and been helpful in honing my skills in every aspect. I cannot stop myself from reading the whole content in the portal.

TUK is amazing, amusing and astounding.


Padma M

Class-VI, Carmel Girs Hr Sec School Thycaud, Trivandrum
TUK has helped in increasing my reading skills and gain knowledge about my surroundings in simple and easy words. My favourite section on the TUK website is the Busters section which are short and very informative...


Neil Pasrija

Class V, Greenwood High Bannerghatta, Bangalore
I have had the privilege of using TUK portal, which are able to fulfill all my expectations in studies. The topics delivered by TUK are very unique and updated.

I am happy and satisfied by using it.


Jasnoor Kaur

Class – X, Bhupindra International Public School, Patiala
TUK is an excellent learning place. I get all my answers from here, I really love browsing the webpage.

I have a new list of questions again, and I know TUK has answers to all of them.


Raman Mishra

Class-IV, Amity International School, Noida
TUK is a wonderful knowledge based portal on which students can learn many new things. They can go around the world by sitting in the house only by reading the Travel section.

There are no adds on the website. Every parent or guardian should trust on TUK. This is the need of our new generation. I love TUK... 


Vrinda Sharma

Class- IV, Vanasthali Public School, Ghaziabad
Whenever I read TUK, it makes me feel good as I come to know about many new facts . I usually read around 20 minutes after which I like attempting the quiz about that article.

I enjoy Do & Learn section of the website. I think TUK is the best site for young kids like me.


Riya Mukherjee

Class-V, Delhi Public School Ghaziabad , Ghaziabad
TUK helps to provide knowledge regarding current happening in the world. An individual’s personality can solely judge by their up to date knowledge regarding these events. And I personally believe that TUK helps me to grow.


Manav Gupta

Class – V, Sanskar International School
I, Aastha Bansal have just passed out from class 12th of K.L. International School, Meerut. I am happy to share with all that I have stood 6th at all-India level in CBSE 2018.TUK played an instrumental role in tremendously improving my General Knowledge and awareness.

So, from my personal experience I would recommend to all students to subscribe to TUK to enhance their awareness & knowledge bank. This would certainly help them in their academics.

Aastha Bansal

Student, CBSE All India Rank - 6th
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