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Ultimate is evolving

And, we will see new models, new technologies and facts emerge. So, let's embrace the "ultimate" and give it a new and wider definition.

Decoding Dreams!

10 Oct 2018

The India Gate- A Majestic Monument and Memorial

03 Oct 2018

Why does the moon become invisible?

14 Sep 2018

MOTION PICTURES- The journey of movies in words!

13 Sep 2018


12 Sep 2018

Dehydration- A Serious Condition

14 Jul 2018


04 Jun 2018

My Best Friend, My Strength and My Mentor

09 May 2017
Get hands on everyday knowledge

Why go with "The Ultimate Knowledge"?


Louis LopezPrincipal, St. Stephen's School, Chandigarh

 Children today have a greater capacity to pick up information and be knowledgeable. They need to be stimulated in the correct direction.

"The Ultimate Knowledge" has successfully drafted an appropriate strategy and curriculum to get children to discover the new and desire to learn more in an attractive manner. The use of the Internet has been employed in a safe environment and an evaluation of the child's learning can easily be tracked. 

Ashok PandeyPrincipal, Ahlcon International School, Delhi

 The Ultimate Knowledge portal (TUK) comes across as a very refreshing initiative to help the curious learners. The menu available for the learners to explore seems wide and broad-based. The children of today are smart, talented and ambitious. They need our support and mentoring. I hope TUK will achieve its objective of engaging the young mind and encouraging them to enquire and explore

S. ShekharPrincipal, K.L. International School, Meerut

 TUK A Curious World of Knowledge: The Ultimate Knowledge, designed to prepare kids readiness skills that nurture their knowledge, brings learning concepts to daily life. A complete comprehensive learning package for kids starting age 7 yrs. With super cool features and plenty of content- to explore under different categories.

For Educational enrichment Kids can watch videos, read and best of all, learn about Technology, Health, Nature and the World of Inventions around them

Jagadish Singh DhamiPrincipal, Heritage School, Jammu

 Wisdom is not always refining the existing paths or processes but most of the times creating new dimensions of learning and delving into unknown realms. This website is a noble attempt by the developer with the philosophy of breaking the monotony of the conventional learning processes and igniting the young minds towards creativity and innovation.

The simple language, crisp explanation and diversified topics relevant to 21st century needs makes the website content highly informative and learner friendly across all age groups

Dr. Priyadarshi NayakPrincipal, Prelude Public School, Agra

 Knowledge beyond the books was tedious for many students until now. Thanks to TUK, students have now begun accepting knowledge that's out of their curriculum. It has provided students with an interesting as well as enriching mode of learning

Jyoti AroraPrincipal, Mount Abu Public School, Delhi

 The Ultimate Knowledge is bringing a digital revolution in the education sector. This platform enhances the reading ability of the students as well as gives them a chance to know beyond the conventional modes of education

Dr. Manoj Kumar GuptaPrincipal, The Aditya Birla Public School, Bharuch, Gujarat

 With TUK, the excitement among students for more knowledge is now ever growing. They are always hungry for more. The enthusiasm for knowledge doesn’t fizz out from their minds

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